We make modern tools for modern people. Most of our products are designed for one simple task. We aim to cut clutter from your life and save you time.


Cookr Recipe Scraper

A simple API with intelligence in the background. Enter the URL of a recipe to get a better version. Hosted on RapidAPI

The Ultimate Scraper

Enter a URL and get detailed information on any well structured page. Hosted on RapidAPI

Ultimate TikTok Scraper

Enter the URL or videoID of a tiktok video to get the to get the video details. Hosted on RapidAPI

Youtube Caption King

Enter the videoID of a youtube video to get the captions, subtitles or transcript in txt, json, csv or srt formats. Hosted on RapidAPI

Chrome Extensions

Youtube Caption Tool

Eaisily get captions, subtitles and transcripts from YouTube in multiple formats

Tidy Recipe

Say goodby to walls of text on recipe sites. Get the recipe in a standardized format with a little AI for categorization. Read right there or save or print.

Saga Dashboard

A versatile new tab for google chrome. Packed with useful widgets, and some useless ones too!

Domain names